Oops! Verizon's update for the Samsung Trance allegedly breaks things


After we found out about the Samsung Trance’s then-impending software update a little early, I honestly didn’t expect to hear about it again. If things had gone smoothly, I probably wouldn’t have.

We’re hearing a ton of reports that the over-the-air update is breaking things, primarily surrounding text messaging. Whenever people hop into their inbox or try to view new messages, their handset resets itself on the spot.

I’ve been indirectly involved with a carrier software update in the past, and the fact that a bug like this slipped through the cracks is pretty mind-blowing. All of the carriers are generally insane about their certification process, often keeping things in testing for weeks on end. Something like this is bound to be taken pretty seriously.

We’ve reached out to VZW for a comment on the matter – hopefully a patch is already in the works.