Video: Wii Remote controls MAME on iPhone, our collective heart skips a beat

A few weeks back, the Internet saw its first proof-of-concept video of an iPhone interacting with a Wii remote over Bluetooth. This was part of the “BTStack” project, which is aiming to add a bunch of Bluetooth protocols to the iPhone that it doesn’t otherwise support. Once in place, however, its the homebrew developer’s job to make use of the new functionality – and make use of it they have. They very much have.

ZodTTD, known for his work amongst the jailbreaking community, has modified his “mame4iPhone” application to play friendly with BTStack, which in turn enabled support for the Wii remote. ZodTTD bought the Wii remote the same day he had it hacked and playing with MAME, so poking fun at him for holding it in a less-than-comfortable way isn’t allowed.

Here’s to hoping ZodTTD releases this version of mame4iPhone (and, hopefully, a similarly hacked version of snes4iPhone) sooner than later.