Yet another game, CrimeCraft, refused classification in Australia


There’s almost a comedy about this next story: Australia has banned another video game because it’s too violent. (What is it with Australia and banning violent video games?) The game is CrimeCraft, and it has been refused classification by the ratings board down there.

The game was refused classification because “there is insufficient delineation between the ‘fictional drugs’ available in game and real-world proscribed drugs.”

In other words, the in-game drugs aren’t “fake enough” for the Australian Classification Board.

CrimeCraft is sort of an FPS MMO.

You’ll recall that this same board refused classification for several other games, including Left 4 Dead 2 and Risen.

No, I’ve never heard of Risen.

I wonder, what is it about this board that makes it so ornery? You never hear about the ESRB refusing to rate a game here in the U.S.

I could go on, but Australia is so far from me, you know.