Qik to come preloaded on the Samsung Omnia II


We like to keep an eye on the adoption of mobile video broadcasting applications around these parts. It’s a mighty competitive space, with Qik, Kyte, Flixwagon, Ustream and a number of others all taking a stab at what is essentially the same idea. While the idea as a whole has yet to really take off as something that everyone does, its one that just about everyone seems to appreciate once it’s explained to them. Therein lies the challenge: how do you tell people that such services exist?

One approach is to get it on the handsets right out of the box. If it’s hard to get them to come to you, why not go to them?

The only one of the lot we’ve seen do this so far is Qik, who managed to convince Nokia to pre-install Qik on all of their S60-based phones beginning in July. Today, they’ve announced a new factory-loading partner: Samsung.

After what Qik says was “months of rigorous testing and certifications”, Samsung is now pre-loading the application onto Omnia II handsets at the factory. Samsung managed to sell many millions of the first Omnia worldwide – if the sequel is anywhere near as successful, Qik ought to see a pretty good amount of growth in the coming weeks.