Recruiting Royal Navy Engineers – there's an app for that

Royal-Navy-logo[UK] It seems that the iPhone has all the bases covered, including those of the UK’s Royal Navy which is using Apple’s iconic device to help put potential new engineering recruits through their paces.

A dedicated iPhone app, developed in partnership with the Central Office of Information (COI) and creative agency Marvellous, presents those interested in joining the navy with a set of challenges that simulate real-world situations. Dubbed ‘The Royal Navy Engineer Officer Challenge’, five interactive missions are on offer – drawing from realistic Royal Navy training tasks – which utilise some of the iPhone’s hardware features, such as the touch screen (obviously) and accelerometer.


A number of challenges are set aboard HMS Deter, for example, which is in need of urgent repairs: “As the Lieutenant in charge, the player makes crucial decisions, as they would as an Engineering Officer – from fixing the engine or preparing for a simulated missile attack, to re-wiring the radar system.”

Following each challenge the player is given a debriefing via a video revealing the impact of the choices that they have made. Their score can then be submitted to the The Royal Navy Engineer Officer Challenge leaderboard where they’ll be prompted to visit the Royal Navy website for career information or join the Royal Navy Facebook group.

The fun and games aren’t just on the iPhone though. There’s also a Facebook widget that replicates much of the iPhone app’s functionality, as well as encouraging the recruitment campaign to go viral.