Kingston's new DataTraveler DTLocker+ is secure, they say

There’s no shortage of secure devices out there, but if you happen to be a Kingston-only type of guy, you’re in luck. They’ve just put out a new USB stick that, like other secure drives, requires a password before you can access the data. It’s encrypted with a 256-bit key so I don’t think anybody will be brute-forcing that information any time soon. And if they put the wrong password 10 times… poof, formatted.

Personally, I still like the Lenovo secure drive I reviewed; having an actual keypad made it seem high-tech and reliable. Of course, I nearly have a panic attack whenever I have to use it because my “usual” password isn’t all numbers and I forget things easily.

Anyhow, you can rely on Kingston to have a decently fast, well-built little secure USB key, though they are a bit expensive. $36 for 4GB up to $200 for the 32GB? Cruel! I guess it’s not that far off from their other drives. In fact the only real difference is the swivel bit. Hey, slow news days aren’t my fault!

[via Electronista]