Silly study looks at iPhone users' dating habits. Yeah.


There’s a silly study, conducted by Retrevo, making the rounds that purports to analyze how iPhone users fare in the dating world. I know, right? One stat to whet your beak: one in three iPhone owners have admitted to breaking up with their significant other via text message. Amazing.

Other fun stats:

• One in three iPhone owners say that owning old gadgets would turn them off from a potential significant other

• One in five iPhone owners have admitted to viewing porn on their iPhone

• One in four iPhone owners have broken up with a signifant other because they spend too much time on their mobile device

• iPhone owners prefer people who own “cool gadgets” over a college degree

I’m just going to stop right here because my brain hurts typing this out.

A comment on the Retrevo blog pretty much eviscerates the study, and I’ll highlight one (mind the sics):

“iPhone owners prefered cool gadgets over a college degree three to one.”
In my experience, the majority of iphone users are male… also in my experience, most males couldn’t give two $hits whether a chick possesses a degree or not (results from MY study here of course ;-). Anyway, if you asked football fans who they would find more attractive between a college graduate and a girl (or dude) who loves sports, who do you think they would choose? Exactly. Retrevo is basically stating that iphone owners like cool gadgets. Duh.

I’m sorry for wasting your time.