Trillenium 3D shopping platform secures €1 million to conquer Southeastern Europe

[Croatia] Croatian startup Trillenium is to launched their web-based 3D shopping mall and social network with financial backing from a local angel investor and partnerships with a dozen local and international brands that will offer their products.

While the hype over 3D experiences started by Second Life has passed, Trillenium is betting its future on what they see as a more realistic shopping experience, closer to real shopping malls. Users will be able to move freely between shelves and products as well as talk to salesmen and each other, but since the project hasn’t launched yet, we’ll have to wait a while to see the user experience. With web shopping still in its infancy in the region, a 3D shopping experience goes leaps and bounds in terms of technology.

The project has gotten a lot of media attention in Croatia due to the support of Hrvoje Prpic, now an angel investor, but once one of the founders of the biggest retail computer chains in Croatia, HGspot, which has recently fallen on hard times. Mr. Prpic is the sole investor in Trillenium, securing €1 million to get the project of the ground.

Trillenium’s founder, Tomica Radosevic, exclusively tells Techcrunch Europe about their future plans: “Croatia is only the beginning, and we are definitely plan to conquer the world. The exact model of expanding to other countries isn’t defined yet, but we don’t have to enter every country in a same way. We could either create branded shops or license the technology, depending on country we are entering. If everything goes as we planned, expanding would start by the end of 2010. “

Trillenium’s advantage could be the overall package of features they bring to potential partners, 11 of them already involved in the projects. Brands such as Msan, Mercator and Agrokor are big retailers in various fields in the region. None of them has had a really successful webshop, so they seem to be counting on the 3D shopping experience to do their products justice. Well see soon enouch, since Trillenium’s founder has hinted at a launch in the next couple of weeks.