T-Mobile goes unlimited + no contract with ‘Even More Plus’ plans


T-Mobile jumps feet first into the no-contract, unlimited everything arena with its new “Even More Plus” plans, ranging from $30 per month for 500 voice minutes to $80 per month for unlimited voice minutes, text messages, and internet access. Family plans are also available for between $50 and $140 per month.

It appears that you can choose from just about any available phone, although going with this no-contract option means that none of the handsets are subsidized. Prices range from $550 for the HTC Touch Pro 2 down to $60 for the Nokia 2330.

T-Mobile is also offering unlimited plans with a two-year contract as part of its “Even More” package, with monthly fees ranging from $40 for 500 minutes to $60 for unlimited minutes. It’s important to note, though, that these plans are only for voice minutes – you’ll need to add texting and mobile web packages a la carte at $10 per month each (for most handsets).

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