The Droid is coming, and it brought friends

Chalk this one up as a rumor, but it’s looking like Droid is going to be an army, rather then a lone warrior. There’s been some rumblings that at least other handset manufacturers are creating their own Droids as well.

Here’s the lowdown.

  • Droid is Verizon’s name for Android based devices.
    The Motorola Sholes will most likely be called the Droid
    HTC’s Desire will be called the “Droid Eris”.
    The Droid Eris will be released on November 6th, along with the Sholes. We’re probably not going to see the Eris until the 6th, despite of Verizon’s October 28th event.
  • So there you go. Total BS? Only time will tell.

    [via Engadget]