Observe these delicious ravioli sponges


If you’re standing up, you better find a place to sit down because I’m about to blow your mind. These are sponges that look like a ravioli. Again, these are sponges. That look. Like ravioli.


They’re called Spongioli. You get six of them for – wait for it — $99.95. That is not a typo. Wait, yes it is. I’m sorry. They’re $9.95. That was, in fact, a typo.

Here’s part of the product description:

These ravioli-style pop-up sponges are far better than old-fashioned cellulose – the Spongioli super absorbent, strong and long-lasting, anti-bacterial, static-free, low in carbs, & pretty darn irresistible.

Low in carbs! Oh, Baron Bob, you ARE the living end.

Spongioli Gourmet Kitchen Sponges [Baron Bob]