Verizon's CEO has been rocking the Storm 2 for weeks, demoing it to employees

mike-lazaridisThe BlackBerry Storm 2 is no secret. We’ve known that a second generation touchscreen BlackBerry has been in the works for months. Actually it was probably RIM that “leaked” all the info in an effort to save face from the flop that is the original Storm. A NYT article quotes Verizon’s CEO saying that he’s been carrying the phone for weeks and been giving impromptu demos at Verizon Wireless retail outlets. Spoiler: employees like it.


“I let them play with the second-generation Storm device,” he said. “They came back and said ‘Oh, my gosh.’ They were very excited. This is what they hoped the original Storm should be.”

As a BlackBerry Storm owner myself, I can tell you that the most frustrating part of using the Storm is that it’s evident the platform has so much more to give. I stare at my Storm everyday wishing and hoping that it would live up to that potential. But it doesn’t. It sucks even more every time I use it.

There still isn’t a firm release date for the Storm’s second coming. The NYT’s article states something about a launch this week and there have been retail signage leaked online the last few days, but our Verizon retail tipsters still haven’t heard anything about it being available for purchase this week. The honest truth is that no one knows for sure.