Is the HTC HD2 heading for T-Mobile?


Windows Mobile 6.5 or not, we’re still pretty pumped about the HTC HD2. It’s just so damn pretty. We’ve known since early last week that the HD2 would find its way stateside by the first quarter of next year – and now we’ve got a good idea of which carrier might be nabbing it.

TmoNews just got tipped a photo showing the HTC HD2 flying high on a T-Mobile slide. It’s a bit unconventional to see the slide printed out and either taped to a wall or sitting on a desk – but it certainly isn’t the first time. The slide makes no mention of any names, indicating that T-Mobile hasn’t decided what to call this thing on their end yet – but with a 4.3″ screen, snapdragon processor, and that lovely product shot, we’re definitely looking at the HD2 here.