Motorola to LiMo: Sorry, We're with Android now

motorola-android-limoMotorola has made no secret of its new-found love affair with Google’s mobile OS, Android. Having just recently kicked WinMo to the curb, word on the mobile street is that Motorola has now dumped LiMo as well.

According to jkOnTheRun, Motorola VP, Christy Wyatt, has abandoned her seat on the LiMo Foundation Board. In order to make sure its new position is clear, Motorola took things one step further by changing its association with LiMo from that of a founding member to lowly associate member.

The company also put out the following unambiguous statement:

“At this time [Motorola] feels that the Android platform gives it a richer, more consistent foundation with strong support for the ecosystem and developer community.”

Let’s just hope the Cliq and Tao prove that Motorola is putting its money where its mouth is…into well-made, desirable, Android-powered devices.