Dressed To Kill: Modu 2 To Sport Android Jacket

modu-android-jacketIsraeli modular phone manufacturer, Modu, looks to be shaking things up with its next modular gadget – Modu 2. In a recent interview with TechRadar, Modu CEO, Dov Moran, has let (some of) the beans spill on Modu’s ambitions for its next generation of devices.

For anyone who is unfamiliar, Modu’s modular ecosystem includes various “jackets” which “create a new look and provide added functionality” to the underlying Modu phone. In the same way that you and I change our clothes based on our plans, Modu’s phone can change jackets for different functions, such as playing MP3s, taking digital photos, or at its simplest, changing its outward appearance with a dressy “suit” jacket.

Despite the relatively young company’s inability to launch non-3G products in big-time markets, like the UK, Modu seems more determined than ever to push its modular phone platform forward. To better position its future lineup for more wide spread adoption, Moran spoke about some of the necessary updates needed to compete in the growing mobile space:

“Our second [Modu device] will be a touchscreen, a very unique concept, and will justify its label of being innovative. It will be a 3.5G product, but will also have a number of other features.”

Thus, it comes as no big surprise that along with the improved hardware Modu is also working on bringing Android into its “wardrobe.” Moran explained:

“We’re also planning to have a jacket based on Android, which will enable programming capability [on the Modu unit], but these plans are too early to expose.”

If Modu can successfully integrate Google’s mobile OS with some new and improved hardware, Modu 2 might be just what the doctor large mobile market ordered. At a minimum, an Android jacket should at least help Modu get a seat at the big boys’ table.

[via Talking Mobile]