That is a damned good-looking amplifier

What a beautiful object! Industrial design can be absolutely breathtaking sometimes. And no doubt it sounds as good as it looks. This particular amp is by Elekit, which has a few other amps out there in kit form. This one is pre-assembled and likely costs a bundle.


Case-Real, the studio which designed the amp, has many more pictures for you, and Dezeen translates the description thusly:

by Koichi Futatsumata / CASE-REAL

Design of a new generation vacuum tube amplifier for EK Japan Co., Ltd.(Fukuoka, Japan) who develops numerous electronic kits/ gadgets targeted at both children and adults.

Traditionally, the types of assembly audio kits EK JAPAN has developed have been largely for audio or mechanical maniacs, for an affordable price, thereby serving their quality of life by way of spending time to assemble and then to enjoy the audio from what they have made. The direction of a project commissioned to us this time was completely different and was to design a compact, stylish vacuum tube audio consonant with the life style of young generations novice about vacuum tube but are naively interested in the charm and atmosphere created from/ via a vacuum tube amplifier.

The prototype, as shown in the photo, is an embodiment of the concept which symbolically gives an accent on vacuum tubes on the top, supported by aluminum dials on the front integrating all controls thereinto and by the sides made of cast steel. So that a vacuum tube light stands out, the mechanical structure and parts (which usually exposed outside to radiate heat) are kept inside and the top aluminum plate functions as a heat sink instead.
The circuitry a hybrid configuration, and, on the right side is a mini- jack for portable music players like iPod.

[Product] Vacuum tube hybrid stereo amplifier
[Design] Koichi Futatsumata / CASE-REAL
[Manufacturer] EK JAPAN
[Circuit components] Tone control stage / Tubes (2x 6SN7GT), Power amplifier stage / Semiconductors (IC)
[Rated output power] 10 + 10 Watts
[Rated powe consumption] 38W
[Rated Power source] 100V AC 50-60Hz
[Input / sensitivity] Rear RCA jacks / 560mV (For component type player), Side mini phone jack / 180mV (For portable music player)
[Frequency response] 5Hz – 50kHz (-3dB)
[Dimensions] W265 x H103 x D151 (millimeters, including projections)
[Body Weight] 2.6kg
[Special feature] Automatic sleep mode (at no input signal)
*The sale is undecided.

“The sale is undecided” probably means plans for offering it aren’t quite ready (i.e. pricing, availability) — though based on the kit amps’ prices, I’d put this one at around $700, maybe? At any rate, it’s a piece of art.

[via Gizmodo]