Hands-on with the BlackBerry TiVo app

TiVo finally got with the program and released its first BlackBerry app this morning. The good news is that it seems to work as advertised, but let’s just say that it’s a pretty basic app and is just made for scheduling recordings. You can’t remotely control your TiVo or stream any content from it, but this app is a good start. It’s easy to use and gets the job done.

As soon as you log into your TiVo account, a screen will pop up displaying the available TiVos. After you select which TiVo you want the recording on, the home screen will appear where it allows you to to select a program from various options: Most Popular, Daily Picks, Search by Title, Actor, Keyword, or Category.

It’s just a couple of clicks to schedule the recording once you have selected a show. It gives the option of either a one-time recording or a Season Pass. However, the app doesn’t seem to know what’s already set up in a Season Pass or on tap to be recorded already. There also isn’t any conflict resolution built into the app so be careful you don’t schedule something at the same time as Desperate Housewives. The Missus wouldn’t like that.

The app works, but it’s a tad plain Jane for our taste. Work some streaming video or true remote control into it and we’ll be happy.