iPad rumors abound! Apple to announce on January 19! Shipping in May!

scaled.ipadJeremy “The Animal” Horowitz just posted a list of exciting new rumors about the iPad including the announce date – around January 19, just in time to relegate CES news to the dustbin of history – and that it will be available in May. The device is just awaiting Steve Jobs’ signature on the dotted line.

There will be two devices, a 3G and a non-3G version and the resolution will be 720p or so on 10.7-inch screen. It will also run iPhone OS and have dedicated media systems as well as an ebook reader built in.

Interestingly, I just found another device called the iPad, a point-of-sale card reader from Fujitsu. Although something like this won’t stop Apple from getting what it wants, it may make it a bit harder to retain rights to the iPad trademark, making me thing it will be called something else. Otherwise, this is right in line with everything everyone else is saying – the timing, the size, the usage model – so let’s give just cross our fingers and toes in hopes that, like a Spring flower gently pushing through the murk of a long, dark Winter, the iPad will fill our hearts with joy and promises of rebirth. Also I’d like to play Civilization Revolution on a big screen.