Baby Name Finder finishes off the list; there really is an app for everything now

Screen shot 2009-09-25 at [ September 25 ] 9.42.15 AM

Do you often find yourself thinking, “Oh, crap. We forgot to name this baby. We need a name, stat!”? I know I sure do. While most people tend to spend months toiling over their child’s name, digging through their family history and fretting over each potentially offensive rhyming variation, you’re a modern parent. This is 2009, after all – we have the power of the Internets right in our pocket. We’ve got better things to do than spend time coming up with the name our child will live with for the rest of their life.

Fear not, present-day procreators – is now an iPhone app. It pulls from BabyName’s list of over 15,000 names, and lets you save your favorites. It’s not really so much for on-the-spot baby naming as it is for helping the uncreative in conjuring up a list of possibilities, but we like to pretend. With that said, it does have a random name picker – so if you feel like namin’ your offspring UrbanSpoon style, go right ahead.

[Via IntoMobile]