T-Mobile myTouch gets lopped down to $149.99


(With the image above, close your eyes and pretend that instead of bottles of shampoo, the price cut signs are pointing at a shelf full of MyTouches. Our photoshop talents only go so far. And by “so far”, we mean not very.)

If you were on the cusp of buying a T-Mobile myTouch but just felt it was a little too expensive, we’ve got good news: it just got cheaper. Early this morning, ol’ magenta decided to chop 25% off the going price of $199.99, bringing the total on a two-year contract down to just $149.99.

There are too many reasons why they might have dropped the price (for example, the fact that T-Mobile is prepping to launch the Android-powered and purportedly dirt cheap Cliq ) to make any assumptions. With that said, folks don’t tend to drop the price of things when they’re expecting them to sell like hot cakes on a winter’s eve.

[Via TmoNews]