Verizon's new Entice is destined for the bargain bin

Calling all cheapskates: Verizon’s always had a solid, if at times unassuming selection of featurephones, and they’re ready to throw one more into the mix. For a scant $39.99 (after the obligatory $50 mail-in rebate), you’ll be able to snag yourself a brand new Motorola Entice W766 today.

The successor to the W755 (also inaccurately known as the “COOL”), the Entice takes the same flip form factor and… doesn’t really change anything. Sure, they’ve bumped the camera up to 2 megapixels, and yeah, it can handle up to microSD cards up to 8GB in size this time around, but these are minor upgrades when you consider most phones rocked similar specs 2 years ago. Then again, this is Motorola we’re talking about here: for all the cool ideas they can come up with, they don’t seem to have much trouble running with a design until it’s dead and buried.

You can pick one up via the Verizon website today, but you’ll have to wait until later this month to get your hands on it in one of their retail stores. It’s almost sure to be a freebie at some point soon though, so there’s a pretty good case for biding your time and saving your pennies.