Verizon to Storm owners: No, really. Check out YouTube.


Every once in a while, a new application will launch for the BlackBerry Storm that Verizon wants to shine a light on. To make sure that everyone gets a glance at it (and not just those who pop into App World), they push a download icon all the way to the user’s app launch screen. First it was Slacker, followed shortly thereafter by Facebook. In both of these cases, the icon’s arrival was right around the time the app itself launched.

The latest push, however, is a bit tardy. A bunch of people are reporting that a download icon for the Storm Youtube application popped up on their homescreen in the last day or so; thing is, this app has been available since December of last year. Why the sudden push, Verizon? Were download numbers too low, or was the push system just not in place at the time YouTube launched? Either way: if it bugs you, just hide the icon and it’s gone for good.

[Via CrackBerry]