Share events the Serbian way with Plakatt

Plakatt is a new free service launching today out of Serbia which allows users to share and find events in their own city or in the region. In other words it’s an online event manager meets social network. The startup is joint venture of two companies from Novi Sad — Rendered Text and Sprawsm.

Plakatt users are able to post events they are interested in, browse existing ones and have an overview of the happenings in their or any other city for that matter. Also, the guys from Plakatt are hoping to provide a new way of communication between users on one side, and venue owners, PR managers, and event organizers on the other side.

This event service also has a social component which is reflected through the ability to add and “follow” your contacts’ activities (similar to “following” on Twitter), inviting friends to events, writing comments, reviews, adding photos and videos. All the information on Plakatt is open and searchable by Google and other search engines, which is an advantage for event and venue promoters.

Founders Marko and Darko (yes really) from Plakatt plan to first cover Serbia then launch an English version. The plans for monetizing are mainly related to charging PR people, owners of venues (cafes, restaurants etc.) and organizers of events.