Cell Phone Art: Camera phone photos get an art gallery (or two)

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When you think of camera phone photos, what words pop into your brain? For us, that would be “blurry”, “blueish”, and “craptastic” – but that’s because 95% of our camera shots come when we’re three drinks deep in a bar lit like the Bat Cave. Name any sub-niche of photography, from pin-hole to lomo, and there’s a community of capturers dedicated to taking the style to the limit. Camera phone photography is no different – and for just a little while in Atlanta, GA and Stowe, VT, it’s an art form.

The exhibit in Vermont, called “Relentless Eye: Global Cell Phone Photography”, runs from Sept. 25th to Nov. 28th at the Helen Day Art Centre. (Careful clicking around that page if you’re working for someone who’s heavy on the NSFW-whip – it’s all artsy stuff, but thar be exposed boobies in them thar hills.) Artists “from Tokyo to Burlington” have contributed one-of-a-kind 8x10s, which will sell for $25 a pop.

A second event runs a bit shorter and reaches beyond just photography, but you still ought to check it out if you’re around Atlanta. From September 25th to November 7th, the Spruill Center For The Arts will be running an exhibit called “on the flip side”, which looks to explore “the impact of this burgeoning technology on art, and presents a range of work that includes drawing, musical composition, photography and sculpture.”

We’re a bit too far away to stop into either of these events ourselves – but let us know if you go.

[via Cellular Obscura]