Omnia II Millionaire Pack: For people who like to pay a little more to pretend they paid a lot more


We’ll come right out and say it: we’re not entirely sure why this Samsung Omnia II Millionaire Pack exists. For roughly $957, you get what is essentially the same phone plus a leather case, a copy of Millionaire magazine, and.. a box. “Why wait? Get the millionaire feeling”, it reads.

Er – what? Look: We loath “luxury” phones as much as the next poor-ass blogger, but if you’re going to make the effort and drop the “millionaire” tag in there, at least go all out. Drop it in gold, diamond-stud it, and ensure that every ringtone on the handset is finely tuned to make everyone around the owner feel inadequate with each incoming call. Then crank the price up to $25,000. You’ve only got to sell one, right?

[Via SamsungHub]