LG Chocolate BL20 is a bit less crazy than that other one


Our collective jaw just about hit the floor when we first saw the first leaks of the LG BL40. Not because it had a touchscreen, and not because it could double as a yardstick, but because it looked nothing like any Chocolate-branded device we’d seen before. All of the Chocolate handsets that came before were wonky little sliders with an occasional flip phone thrown in for good measure; we figured thats where the brand would stay.

Well, it doesn’t seem that LG’s quite ready to leave that comfort zone entirely just yet. Dutch phone site All About Phones was wandering the halls of the IFA trade show in Berlin when they spotted in: a full page ad dedicated to the LG Chocolate BL20, an as-of-yet unannounced handset, complete with images and specs. It’s much more along the lines of what we’d expect from a Chocolate phone – that is, it’s a kind of boring (though rather pretty) slider.

[Via GSMArena]