Nationwide Insurance: 80 percent of Americans want legislation ‘to restrict’ driving while using mobile phone


We’ve already noted the dangers of driving while texting, but today there’s evidence that suggests many other people recognize the problem. A recent survey conducted by Nationwide Insurance says that some 80 percent of Americans support some sort of legislation “to restrict cell phone use while driving.” How you define “cell phone use” then becomes an issue.

It seems people are less inclined to restrict their ability to talk on the phone than they are to restrict their ability to text, surf the Web, etc. Only 67 percent of people would be in favor of banning talking on the phone while driving. I guess people perceive talking as being less dangerous than other actives, which is poppycock. Distracted driving is distracted driving.

Even more troubling, only 49 percent of people say that such a law would change their behavior. Never mind how you’d enforce the law. Are we supposed to hire extra police—isn’t California bankrupt?—to patrol the roads to make sure you’re not texting your BFF while waiting at a stop sign?

But that’s an argument for another day.

Another argument could be made that we have so many car accidents in this country because we hand out drivers licenses like candy corn at Halloween. “Turn here, stop here, three-point turn here. Grats, you can now have a mount.”

via Consumerist