Alltel nabs the HTC Snap

“Oh, Snap!” proclaims Alltel, seemingly out of nowhere.

Verizon glances over. “What? Don’t say that. It hasn’t been cool since nineteen ninety never. It makes you sound like a jerk.”

“No, no. Not like that. I just started offering the HTC Snap.” Alltel responds, staring off into the sky.

“I already offer the HTC Snap, and I own you.”

“Well, now I can offer the snap in the 91 markets you weren’t allowed to take over when you bought me.”

“Oh. Well, you’re still a jerk.”

Yep – Alltel’s got the HTC Snap now. They want $80 bucks a pop (after a $70 mail-in rebate) with a 1-year contract for this guy. If you’re down with WinMo 6.1 and are in one of the markets still flying the Alltel flags, that’s really not too bad of a deal.