TomTom's iPhone Car Kit guides itself through the FCC


It has been a good two months or so since TomTom announced that they were making a GPS-boostin’, speaker-totin’ car cradle for the iPhone, and we’ve heard a whole lot of nothing since. Aside from a UK retailer preorders indicating that the cradle might cost £99.00 (roughly $161), TomTom has been pretty quiet on the matter.

It looks like we might be hearing more soon, though. The product has just made its way through the FCC’s torture tombs, indicating that the product is on the last leg of the development cycle.

Fun fact: The TomTom cradle should work with the iPod Touch, giving it the navigation abilities generally reserved for its better connected, contract-required bigger brother.

You can see all the FCC documentation splayed out here.

[Via Engadget]