Maemo 5 screenshot leaks, we gush


Way back in May, we got our hands on the world’s first concept image of Maemo Harmattan, a distant (as in late 2010) version of the operating system Nokia tucks onto their internet tablet devices. Maemo Harmattan is otherwise known as Maemo 6, with the latest publicly available release being Maemo 4.1. That leaves one whole big bad version of Maemo out of the picture.

Well, here it is – at least, a very small, tantalizing chunk of it. Eldar Murtazin, a Russian blogger with an uncanny knack for all things Nokia, posted this picture on his blog earlier today, giving us the tiniest of peeks at what Nokia’s got in store for version 5. It doesn’t reveal a thing, outside of the fact that the Maemo team’s UI/Visual team is a talented bunch – but it sure does make us want more.

[Engadget via BGR]