Verizon fires up LTE test networks, successfully makes calls

(Note: If you’re looking for the relevance of this image, don’t bother. I got bored of posting pictures of cell towers and maps every time a regional network story popped up. Instead, I’m posting a picture of a laser gun with the Verizon logo poorly photoshopped onto the handle.)

Are you ready for LTE? I don’t think you are. T-Mobile definitely isn’t (Zing!). Coming in at peak speeds of 7-12 Mbps, LTE will push mobile broadband speeds past what most people have in their house.

Verizon promised LTE in 20-30 markets by 2010, and it looks like they’re well on their way.
Today, VZW announced that they’d successfully tested a call over the LTE data network on their Seattle test network, and also disclosed that they’d done the same in Boston back in mid-July.

What do you think they say in a test call like that? While it was most likely something boring like a series of pre-recorded frequencies for the sake of gauging call quality, we can only hope they squeezed a “Can you hear me now?” in there somewhere.

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