T-Mobile fires up 3G in St. Louis, MO


Fact: That is actually what 3G radio waves look like. Yep, little tiny 3Gs. Crazy coincidence.

You feel that warmth, St. Louis? That’s the feeling of 3G radio waves swimming around your head. Following launches in El Paso, Bakersfield, Thousand Oaks, Milwaukee, Chattanooga, Jacksonville, and a ton of other cities, T-Mobile has just flipped the switches in St. Louis, MO. They’ve still blanketed but a tiny chunk of the US – but progress is progress, right? See the current 3G map after the jump.

So, go ahead – you’ve waited long enough. Whip out your G1s, your myTouches, and your Touch Pro 2’s, and browse away at a reasonable speed.

Dark purple spots are 3G coverage areas. Shot taken on 8/13/09:


[Via TmoNews]