Prezi finally adding an 'embed' function. Well, soon anyway

22746v6-max-250x250Prezi, the awesome collaborative flash-based zooming and storytelling tool, is plugging a gap in its feature set that we mentioned back in April. Prezi is currently testing a native embed function to allow presentations to be published to blogs and other websites without fuss (previously you had to muck about yourself with iframes). At the moment, the feature is in pre-release but can be found here.

If you’re not familiar with Prezi, here’s what Robin Wauters wrote about it when he first saw it:

This one is just plain awesome. It’s an entirely Flash-based app that lets you break away from the slide-by-slide approach of most presentations. Instead, it allows you to create non-linear presentations where you can zoom in and out of a visual map containing words, links, images, videos, etc. This is similar to pptPlex, a Microsoft Office Labs project that aims to bring that type of functionality to PowerPoint.

It’s really no use explaining how presentations come out without seeing it for yourself, so it pains me that there’s currently no way to embed the examples that are showcased on the Prezi website. Instead, you will need to jump to examples in another tab or window, but please do it: good examples are ‘AIESEC’ and ‘Technical Investigation ICYA’.

(Via Orli Yakuel)