Are Some Spinvox call Centre Staff Putting Voicemails On Facebook?

Some Spinvox call centre staff are chattering away on Facebook – essentially a public platform – about internal company operations and in one incident we’ve found, posting what sounds like a private call onto Facebook. A BBC investigation today has uncovered evidence of Spinvox using call centers to convert messages. It’s been rumored for some time that this was the case, but the company has always maintained that this was just to convert small amounts of messages which were hard to understand. They said the vast bulk of message conversion was done via their patented voice to text software. However, there appears to be a very large, globally located call center operation at work – larger perhaps than would be suggested by mere error messages. Spinvox says it works with some of the world’s biggest telecoms companies and institutional investors which have have done their diligence and audited the service. We’ve put a call in and are waiting for their full response to this story.