Ready for the Pre's SDK? Not unless you know the Konami Code.

code0If you have a Palm Pre, try this: at the home screen, type “upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart“. Yep, it’s true – punching in the Konami code allows you access to the Pre’s Development Mode. Once it’s activated on the Pre, connecting it to a PC that has the Mojo SDK installed and running would allow you test work-in-progress apps on live hardware. Sure, chances are you don’t have the Mojo SDK handy, but with a full release on the books, the code is bound to help sooner or later.

How the code was discovered is a hell of a story itself: some chaps over on the PreCentral forums were able to dissect the recently released webOS Doctor, an application offered by Palm that restores and updates the Pre’s software in case of a serious OS failure. After a fair bit of poking and prodding, they were able to dig a full copy of the webOS 1.0.2 ROM, and proceeded to have at it.

The result? Well, Developer Mode aside, they’ve found references to the Pixie, another webOS device in development, contact syncing with Yahoo!, AOL and MSN icons, and more. The deeper these intrepid hackers go, the more fun will turn up, and you can bet we’ll be here to let you know about it.