BlackBerry Curve 8900 Hitting AT&T On Friday, Will Set You Back $200


So you want a BlackBerry on AT&T, but not the Bold. We get it; the Bold is a bit expensive, a bit chunky, and seriously – who really needs three Gs? You’d be perfectly fine with one or two Gs, but no one seems to offer that. If that sounds like you, you should be set come Friday. On May 22nd, AT&T will be releasing the slightly less portly, slightly less expensive, and significantly less 3G’d BlackBerry Curve 8900.

3G or not, it’s still a solid device. The Curve 8900’s individual-button style keyboard is a whole lot easier to type on the back-to-back buttonry of the Bold. Plus, the Curve 8900 would totally stomp the Bold in a beauty contest. $199 and a 2-year contract and it’s yours.