Rumor: Palm Pre launch prep schedule leaked, lacks editing


We’re going to go ahead and ignore the glaring “Employee Benfits” typo and the fact that “LAUNCH LUNCH!” is in almost deliberately over-the-top caps, and just skip right to assigning this thing its properly sized grain of salt.

June 7th was one of the (many) rumored release dates for the Pre, so the dates fit. Plus, Sprint is banking their future on this one, so it’s plenty reasonable to think that they’d be having a last minute heavy-training period followed by a pre-Pre-party. We’re not going to vouch for it, but we’re not debunking it either – just passing it along.

If this turns out to be legit, Sprint really ought to insist that people read these things before they get sent out. Unless they left the typos in there to make it seem somewhat sketchy. In that case, someone at Sprint is a genius.