Rumor: Motorola "IRONMAN" to rock Android?


While that certainly doesn’t look like any Android UI we’ve seen, BoyGeniusReport is hearin’ whispers that the handset you see up above is one of Motorola’s first outings in Android territory.

Codenamed, nicknamed, or just plain name-named (they’re not sure which) “Ironman”, Motorola is supposedly aiming at a Q3 release. Specific specs are absent, but this handset will purportedly be a relatively high-end beast: Wi-Fi, 3G, a “screamin’ CPU”, and a high-res camera are all mentioned.

While the hardware looks and sounds legit enough, we’re not too sure about the Android bit. Even if that image on screen is just a placeholder (or Motorola took Android and uglied it up a bit), where are the home/back/menu keys? Touch-sensitive keys just not lit up for the render? Perhaps, but that seems strange. Oh well – if this is leaking a full quarter before the rumored release, we’re sure to hear more.