iTunes 8.2 hints at a Blu-ray future


Steve Jobs previously stated the Blu-ray was “a big bag of hurt,” but the new iTunes 8.2 splash screen mentions the format nevertheless. This, of course, could mean two things. One, Apple is about to support Blu-ray in it’s media organization software and disc info will be provided by Gracenote. Or two, it’s just something the lawyers wanted to included within the legalese of iTunes as some sort of future proofing.

Honestly, the format name would not be included without a solid reason. Chances are that Blu-ray will be included somehow within OS X soon. Perhaps in the next version of DVD Studio Pro? The high-def format is clearly doing fine and drives can now be found in a bunch of PCs. It’s about time Apple steps up to the plate and support the format natively. Thankfully, it appears that might happen sometime soon.

via 9to5Mac