Get your Google Voice On: VoiceCentral and GV Mobile finally hit the App Store


Nearly a month after we dabbled with these two iPhone Google Voice solutions, VoiceCentral and GV Mobile have finally made it through Apple’s torture chambers and onto the e-shelves of the App Store.

While we haven’t spent enough time with either post-release to recommend one over the other, we can say that VoiceCentral has gone and fixed every qualm we had with it in its early days. The UI has been polished, SMS support has been added, a History screen is now available, and you can choose which screen to show on start up. Both apps go for $2.99, and are now pretty much neck-and-neck as far as features (with a few perks exclusive to each app). At this point, which one would suit you better seems like a matter of personal preference.

VoiceCentral iTunes Link
GV Mobile iTunes Link