A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone takes Venezuela into account

The Lange 1 Time Zone is a beautiful multi-timezone piece made by A. Lange and Söhne (pronounced “A Langa and Zunna”) that shows multiple timezones around its inside bezel. Most interestingly, however, are how they are handling Hugo Chavez’ delightful new time zone, UTC-4:30, which was introduced to allow for more sunlight in Chavez’s benighted land.

The watch originally had a spot for Caracas on the bezel but now that Chavezian time is set to a half-hour off of UTC-4, the company replaced Caracas with Santiago de Chile. Sucks to be Caracas.

Here’s the watch and the video above shows how things are put together.

via the amazingly updated FratelloWatches