Jeopardy! supercomputer being developed by IBM will surely kill us all

It looks like Jeopardy! contestants will be the latest in a long line of humans being replaced by computers if IBM has its way. Big Blue has developed a supercomputer named Watson that’s apparently able to compete on the famous game show with human-like mental quickness as it pertains to answering questions.

The project’s been in development for two years and the finished version will compete in “a human vs. machine competition on the renowned show” sometime in the future. Scientists from IBM Labs are quick to point out that Watson is much more than “Google on steroids” — good thing, too, because steroid use is probably illegal on most game shows. Except for The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune. Those guys will turn a blind eye if it means being able to spin those big wheels ’round and ’round, mesmerizing audiences in all corners of the earth. 

As for Jeopardy!, I submit that IBM should house the Watson computer inside a lifelike robotic body and have everyone try to guess which contestant is the computer. Or who’s to say Watson hasn’t already appeared on the show numerous times? Whatever the case, it’s quite clear that Watson will use all of its Jeopardy! winnings to fund an army of clone Watsons to eventually take over the world.

[via Gizmodo]