It's the Pentax K-7, not K7D

RiceHigh, bless his or her heart, claims to have the scoop on everything, but specs for the upcoming K-7 DSLR. As I mentioned the other week, the nomenclature for all Pentax SLRs going forward will be dropping the “D” and simply going with K-x.

Dimensions for the K-7 are purportedly compact at 96mm x 130.5mm x 67.5-76.5mm*. Live View is finally coming by way of a one-touch dedicated button and video recording appears to be coming as well, but no word on whether it will be 720p or 1080p. And it looks like the Shake Reduction will now be enabled/disabled via the System Menu, which would totally blow chunks if true.

This is all unofficial, so we’ll have to wait until Pentax gives us the official scoop on the K-7.

via RiceHigh