G.E.'s microholographic storage promises dancing dolphins and prancing unicorns

star-wars-death-star-hologramJust as the technology world is on the verge of bucking physical media for digital storage, G.E. might have extended its life with a laboratory breakthrough. A G.E. lab has been working since 2003 to find materials and techniques to increase the reflectiveness of the holograms so they are actually readable by optical lasers. The breakthrough involved a 200-fold increase in the reflective power of the holograms, which puts the optical media nearly in the readable range of Blu-ray drives and one step closer to holding a crapton of data.

The microholographic optical drives will also be compatible with CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray media. These discs, however, could hold 500GB. G.E. expects that if these discs launch, the cost could be less than 10 cents a gigabyte. Plus, as we all know, the price will drop if the format is picked up by mainstream folk. That is, if, the format is successful. Plus, it has to make its way out of the lab first.