World of Warcraft on the iPhone heralds end of civilization as we know it

Well, we had a good run. The Renaissance, going to the Moon, inventing the Snuggie… but all that’s done now. World of Warcraft is no longer restricted to home and laptop use. Its grip on humanity will be total. Penny Arcade was remarkably prescient in this case; I wonder who Satan (who is the devil) is working for right now? Could Apple, could be Blizzard, or maybe he’s just freelancing. Now there will be no reason to log off for the poor souls whose evenings are already consumed in questing and raiding.

It appears that it’s actually a more professional implementation of the last version of WoW we saw the iPhone; it’s also a lot like OnLive. The game is being “played” remotely, but the video image is streamed (at about 320×240@5fps from the looks of it) to your iPhone. Not exactly the ideal gaming situation (lag much?) but for grinding it should be more than sufficient (also, that’s what she said).

Update: Fixed video, not sure why it went private all of a sudden. Thanks to commenter David Stone for a non-private link.
Update 2: Aaand, that one died too. Kotaku grabbed a copy, though.

[via TouchArcade and MacRumors]