"KissPhone" concept – really?

kissykissWe’ve seen some strange concepts in our time, but this has to be one of the weirdest and most unlikely. This concept KissPhone is probably going to stay imaginary, since it’s the most ridiculous thing in the galaxy. Capture the movement, warmth, and “sucking force” of a lover’s lips and transmit it in real time to a pair of robo-lips? Yeah, I see a market for that. It’s called crazy people.

Sure, teledildonics will be taking off in the next couple years, and you can already get… er, reproductions of famous orifices. But even being able to purchase a replica kiss from Natalie Portman in the kiss store won’t make this sucker worthwhile. It’d be fun to put two of these things together, though and watch them go at it. Hmm, that actually sounds pretty creepy.

You can see more on the KissPhone and other concepts at the inventor’s website.

[via Gizmag]