Review: 2XL's Supercross for the iPhone

Quick Version: Very few developers have pushed out games for the iPhone that are AAA titles, but even fewer developers have produced AAA iPhone titles their first time around. 2XL happens to be one of them and it’s no surprise that Supercross is one of the best selling titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They’ve managed to translate their console and PC experience that dates back to 1994 over to the iPhone platform without overdoing it like others have, and just keeping things simple.

Extended Version:The first thing you see when firing up Supercross is the backside of a very sweet and charming UFC-like ringside girl while the intro video loads, which consists of video from events and credits of who did what. There are 13 tracks total, including a practice course with jumps, bumps and everything you’d expect from a supercross course. Three of the 12 racetracks are unlocked with the nine remaining courses waiting in the wings.

You can pick from 15 different bikes of various colors that are grouped into the 450cc, 250cc and 125cc class. You’ve got five colors each within those groups, but they don’t seem to perform differently. You can also pick your rider to match the color of your bike.

From there you’ll pick between a time trial, practice or race as well as one difficulty mode ranging from easy to hard. Once you’ve gotten all of that done, you’ll be sent to the starting gate. You can pick from four different camera angles like any other racer game and game control is simple, but effective. On the lower right corner you have a red and green icon for braking and accelerating. On the opposite corner you have a spring icon for preloading. Or you can customize the controls in one of four different setups for left- and right-handed users. Sensitivity can also be adjusted in case the default setting is too finicky for you.

Maneuvering around the track takes a slight tilt of the iPhone/iPod Touch to the left or right and tilting forward or backward will shift weight to the front or rear of the bike. Depending on which setup you’ve selected, of course. Think of it as ExciteBike but on steroids. It works perfectly with the built-in accelerometer. I suck so I’m still practicing after a couple weeks and probably have no chance of unlocking the other tracks, but I’m sure going to try my hardest.

Conclusion: The only knock I have on Supercross is the price as it’s a bit steep at $7.99. But it’s worth the price considering the amount of craptacular games at the $4.99 and $7.99 price point. It’s also worth noting that the lead track designer Stephane Roncada is a former Supercross champ. The rest of the crew at 2XL are cut from the same jib, so they get the offroad lifestyle and know what works and what doesn’t. I would have also liked to have seen some more of those ringside models trotting around. Heh. This is a must-have title for any motorbike enthusiast with an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.