Pentax K7D quasi-confirmed for May 21, specs and images 'leaked'


We’ve been tracking the purported new Pentax DSLR for a couple weeks now and sometime last night in Europe an official looking flyer was discovered for the new K from Pentax. We can’t really tell anything based on the image, but it’s definitely a new body and it’s coming on May 21.

Supposed specs for the ‘K7D’ are as follows:

* Square sensor? 1.3 crop factor.
* A new, overhauled, excellent AF system
* At least 5fps
* 1.0x viewfinder
* 720p video with audio
* 1/8000 shutter
* 2.7 or 3.0 inch VGA res screen

And here are some other purported specs for the new DSLR:

* Same sensor as the K20D
* Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment
* 5 images/sec
* 100 % viewfinder
* Better weatherproofing
* Mirror lockup
* Liveview and HD Video
* Better stabilizer .
* Better DRE mode
* 77 zones light metering
* Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses
* 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop…)
* 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync

I really hope Pentax comes out with something mind blowing because they could really use it.

via PB, Ricehigh