9000 series Samsung HDTVs to sport wireless media streaming, local LED control

mysterysungThe Samsung Spring lineup we went over at the end of March was apparently incomplete. As it turns out, the Korean electronics giant has one more trick up its corporate sleeve, and it’s actually quite a sexy one. But far from cheap, I’m guessing.

The leaked 9000 series of HDTVs will do everything the high-end 8000 series does (240Hz, Internet@TV, various sort so media decoding), but with one less set of wires. Yes, it will have wireless capability built-in, and you’ll be able to stream your music and movies and so on from a box somewhere out of sight. It also will have what’s known as local LED dimming. The other TVs have LED backlighting to be sure, but the 9000 series will be able to dim sections of the TV intelligently depending on the illumination of a scene, leading to darker darks and comparatively brighter brights.

That’s all well and good, but consider that they are called the 9000 series, and 8000 series begins at $3300. I think that puts the 9 series at about four large to start. The wireless and LED features put this in “early adopter” territory. And what do they look like? A lot like the other ones, I’m guessing. “Touch of color” indeed.

Personally, I’d prefer their bezel-less displays with the built-in computers. (Hot)