We just got a mysterious box of mystery! What's inside?


It’s not all that rare for us to get deliveries around these parts. Hell, we’re on a first name basis with the FedEx man. That said, it’s pretty uncommon for us to get packages that we’re not supposed to pay too much attention to until a few hours after it’s delivered, but such is the case with this one. So what’s inside?

Update: We opened it

Hell if we know – honestly, we haven’t opened it yet. We’ve got a call set for later this evening to talk about it with the folks who sent it, and an embargo on all related details till around 7 PST tonight. Until then, it’s a mystery – even to us.

Any guesses? Here’s what we know (and can say) so far:

  • It’s not from Apple, so no – this isn’t the next iPhone (Hah! Like Apple would trust us to keep that a secret).
  • It’s 9″x3″x5″
  • Box weighs just over 1 pound.
  • The box hails from San Francisco

Take your best guesses. If anyone nails it dead on by the time we open it up, we’ll mail them a mystery box with a few things we’ve got laying around the office.